Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Like a budding flower that has been opened and closed I re-OPEN for good!

The fact that I am a writer is well a FACT.  I pretend sometimes that I can't spell (spell check!!) or don't have the time or just plain don't have the inspiration to do so.  I understand now, that the sheer love of writing and the conscious intelligent being that I AM is my inspiration.  God has made me who I am and through GOD I will write.  I am a flower, a pink rose to be exact that has had a taste of openness in communication and has come back another day to re-bloom.  A perpetual bliss Pink, flower that chooses to stay open, writing, communicating with hopes to inspire other flowers out in the field of life to open and grow, showing true colors if not the pink I see myself. Namaste, everyone!  I shall promise to write more and you will see just how wonderful that is.  LD

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