Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts are real. even the little ones.

  I know many people speak about choosing your own reality.  I know that many make the choices that lead us to positive energy and external outlook.  Your thought create your reality based on your thoughts and where you direct your energy.  This is true, but do you know that every little bit helps, every thought needs to be monitored and forgiven that does not suite your higher good.  Energy tends to pool and linger and the simple negative thought can be forgotten now but a built up of negative thoughts and/or patterns can happen, a gift so to speak to you from you, given back to you in another day or another hour.  Not a gift you want to receive.  Paying attention to and being present in the moment when these negative thoughts can occur, can allow you to neutralize the unwanted thoughts.  "OK universe this is not my wish to create this for myself or for those around me please forgive the thought" or  simply noticing where your thoughts are taking you and putting them aside, not giving much energy to the thoughts and not allowing them to spin your brain in a series of negative thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up in negativity that you don't even realize you are being negative.  Happiness can come to you and it is your right to be happy.  Negative thoughts do not make you happy.  Negative thoughts make room for more negative thoughts and it takes love to rid ourselves of these things.  Namaste.

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