Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It only works if you put yourself "out there"

We are all spiritual beings.  We are all made of stars.  I am a conscious enlightened being that sometimes goes through hermit stages of my development.  I can, give spiritual direction.  I can give intuitive readings, I have taught myself to do automatic writing (channeling).    I have an open heart (most of the time) and the thing I think I do best is love.  Being an empath I believe I have highly sensitive qualities some people might call it over or hyper sensitivity but there are many like myself and I don't think we are all "over" OR "hyper" we ARE just perfect as GOD has created us.  I think honoring yourself where you are in life and what your feelings are for that day is a smart conscoious choice but I also think looking at Why we want to stay home, and away from crowds and away from other's people'e energies.  We lightworkers, light beings, healer, empaths, psychics, are best utilized in leading the way for others.  Leading the way for those who need to see HOW to be themselves because believe it or not ...everyone does not know how to be authentic!  It's true just ask even the most in tune person, we have all felt uncomfortable at work, been called weird, strange or what ever other adjective that is out there.  Put ourselves "out there" more, talking openly at work about what you do on weekends.  Talking openly and happily about what you really think.  Many of us, have learned how to do this and many are learning but there are some like myself that just need reminding time to time where we came from and just how far we have come.  Namaste.  <3

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